The museum

The director of Solana Ston ltd., on February 21st 2014, came to the decision about forming The Solaan Ston Museum as part of the existing company. Solana Ston has existed for over 700 years (future research may confirm its millennial existance. The technology of salt making in Solana Ston, by means of evaporation of sea water naturally) has not changed to the present. Solana Ston by size, pool construction and other facilities, fully integrated, is significantly different from other old Istrain and Dalmatian salt pans which are comprised of large groups of small salt pans, which independent of each other produced salt.

Solana Ston has decided to retain the existing technology of production of salt in Solana, as the original Croatian ecological product of this area, despite the reduction in the amount of salt production using this system.

In addition to the above salt production, it was decided that, before other things –protection of certain bird species that live in areas of sea salt works,ofcertain plant species and other – the Solana Ston Museum was established, as this would allow for continuous research of the history of Solana, permanently protect the museum material and documentation on centuries of production and sale of salt in the Solana, in result it would protect the building and its way of producing sea salt as a historical technological unit, civilizational, cultural and natural resource and as part of the national and universal heritage of a particular period and geographical origin. The goal of the Museum with it's future planned departments should be to make salt production which is one of the conditions of life existance to becomes accessible to all citizens of our country , particularly children and young people and foreigners , who annually visit Ston.

The display of salt production in the Solana is also an ode to the human work through the centuries .This work, meaning sea salt production was the theme of our pavilion and exhibition at the World Expo , which took place in 2005 in Japan. An integral part of the set was the movie " A drop of sea - a grain of salt " , recorded in Solana Ston.


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