Painting colonies Ston

Since 2005. Mr. Svetan Pejić and Solana Ston in Ston and Mali Ston are succesful and good hosts to the Art Colony which takes place at the end of June or beggining of July and it brings together artists who have graduated from the Fine Arts Academy on Široki Brijeg or at the ARS SACRA founded within the same Academy – young talented artists who face a brilliant career ahead of them.

This art colony has proved to be successful in every way.During their week long stay along the sea, the young artists, by participating in the colony are able to show their talents and uniqueness and and spend time with fellow artists from the academy where many interesting art piece where created and have a chance to exhibit some of their own work in the areas of the salt pans of Ston.

In this way,in the successful synergy of creative and practical,local gastronomical specialties and cultural values are represented and promoted so that tourists can experience the beauty and artistic value of the exhibited paintings.

Along with Ante Kajinić the professor at ALU on Široki Brijeg who is in a way the spiritual leader of the colony, in the last three years the following artists have participated:Branimir Bartulović, Cvita Bojić, Svetislav Cvetković, Andrijana Milnarić-Cvetković, Ćavar Ivana, Ćavar Miljana, Mladen Ivešić, Marijana Pažin-Ivešić, Iris Lobaš, Ivana Mikulić, Josip Mijić, Ivan, Perak, Silva Radić, Marko Šošić, Mario Šunjić i Toni Zlojo.

Each one of them has painted several works during the work of the colony, so the actual exhibition virtually posted on the web site, obviously clarifies the artistic poetics of some of the authors, directing the artistic values accomplished in the classification of motives that some individuals focused on.

As the exhibited pieces are also on sale –selling the exhibited paintings will created revenue that will be invested into the restoration of the salt pans of the Solana Ston and every buyer will not only receive the selected art piece but will also help with the restoration of an already endangered valuable historic property , which is monumental not only to the local community but regional.