Ston salt pans is now a part of the Company Solana Ston Ltd. one of the capital works of the human race. Located between the fertile valley of the Ston field and Ston bay close to the very small town of Ston. The salt pans represent one of the oldest buildings in the entire Dubrovnik region. Salt production in this area started in classical antiquity and has not stopped. The final formation of the salt pans was acquired during the famous Republic of Dubrovnik, which as an independent state lasted over 500 years. Sale of salt as one of the most important sources of income at that time led the Republic to invest large financial and human resources to make this small area a place of perfect organization and exemplary business. The entire area of the town of Ston and the salt pans was protected by a fortification system of walls and towers of over four kilometers which are also the second longest walls in the world made by human hands.

Salt pans of Solana Ston are divided into seven groups of pools for preliminary evaporation of salts, which is a well-thought system of channels that merge in 5 rows of 8 to 10 square pools for crystallization. Each of the ten pools bear the name of a saint. (St. Blaise, St. Frano, St. Nicholas, St. Baltazar, of St. Joseph, St. John, St. Mary, St. Lazarus, St. Klement, St. Peter and Paul and the only pool that does not carry the name of a saint is Mundo from which during the time of the Dubrovnik Republic salt was given to people who did not have money to buy salt).

Solana in its complex contains segments for salt drying, storage, and transportation of the same in the now old port of Ston where the sailboats transported the salt all over the world in those days.

Today the salt pans are experiencing difficult days. Market conditions have changed, and the old salt pans requires a thorough reconstruction of the pools by the rules and regulations from 4000 years ago. These practices require huge funds in the domain of archeology and the preservation of antiquities and additional costs to preserve the old ways of harvesting salt.

Therefore, we ask you to participate in the reconstruction of nine crystallizing base pools and you can do that by to renewing one by the pools, and we will be honored to put the name of the donor next to the name of the Saint.

We thank you in advance for your help as this is something that has been the wish of all the residents for a number of years now as they want Solana Ston to be opened up to the world as a living museum, both in terms of the building itself as well as possible participation of picking high quality salt in perfect ecological conditions in the old way unique in the world.

This endeavor would preserve the valuable work of the European and world cultural heritage.

How to donate

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