About us

Solana Ston ltd. Ston, Pelješki put 1 is registered with the Commercial Court in Split – MBS: 060003988 in line with the Companies Act from December 27th 1997. The company has been redesigned from a joint stock company to a limited liability company on June 29th 2011 and now employes 11 employees. The core business Of Solana Ston is extraction of sea salt. The production area consists of 429.840 m2. Given the flow of the salt water,

the area has been divided into groups of salt pools according to the evaporation pools. The pools date back to the Dubrovnik Republic and consist of 7 groups of pools for Adriatic sea water evaporation and 10 pools for the crystallization which is the process of transformation from liquid to solid. The premises also consist of a small castle, warehouses for the salt, building for the salt packaging, residential and administrative buildings.